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 Send Money
 Nochex is an online payment system that enables individuals and businesses to send money for FREE to anyone with an email address using their UK debit/credit card.
 Does Noches accept International payments?
 Yes, Nochex Merchant accounts can receive payments from internationally issued cards, however in order to have a Nochex merchant account you need to be a UK based seller.
 Can I send money to seomeone who is not registered with Nochex?
 No. You can only send money to people who have a Nochex personal account, seller account or merchant account. If you try to send money to someone whose email address is not registered with a nochex account, they will receive an error message.
 How do I send money?
 To be able to send money you need to have fully registered either your UK credit or debit card with your NOCHEX account. Once your debit card is fully registered then there are 3 ways to send money using NOCHEX:1- Send from your NOCHEX account
 How long does it take to send money?
 Sending money is INSTANT with NOCHEX. Once the send has been confirmed, the recipient has the money in their NOCHEX account.
 How much does it cost to send money?
 It's FREE to send money. Which ever option you choose – they are all free.
 I sent money but I got an email saying it failed!
 Do not worry. Firstly you should login to your NOCHEX account, click on 'Transaction history' and then click on the payment in question. If the option to cancel the payment is available then you must have sent the money to the wrong email address or spelt
 I sent money but the intended recipient says they have not received it
 Login to your NOCHEX "Transaction history" and click the payment in question, the chances are that you either: - 1. Sent it to the wrong email address. 2. Spelt the email address incorrectly (you may have included a full stop at the end or a s
 Sending Limits
 Members of Nochex can send £300 a day in total from their credit/debit cards (limited to £1000 a week). On top of that, Personal account holders can send any money that they have in their Nochex balance. Non members of Nochex are able to send
 What is Quicksend?
 QuickSend is a feature that allows registered NOCHEX users to send money without fully logging into their NOCHEX account. It's found on the NOCHEX homepage.Note: If your NOCHEX account is
 What will show on my bank statement?
 If you send money using Nochex then "Nochex Ltd - 0113 344 3996" will appear on your bank/card statement (not the name of the shop you bought from).
 Test Payments
 Testing the Payments Pages In order to test a complete purchase cycle, we recommend that you make a real transaction using a "friendly" debit or credit card. You can easily refund any such “test” transactions (at no cost) that you perform by logging i